The Senior Leadership Forum is an exclusive platform for CEOs and senior business executives to share their thinking on ensuring an innovative and dynamic future for the food supplement sector. 

Engage, innovate, offer solutions

This platform is a unique forum for providing Senior Leaders with the opportunity to reflect on the future of the supplement market. It also provides an opportunity to engage directly with decision-makers in debates on how the regulatory landscape should be mapped out to create an environment in which food supplement companies and functional ingredient suppliers can continue to offer a range of innovative, active and safe solutions to consumers more and more conscious of the important of nutrition to their health.



The Food Supplements Europe Forum has been set up as the place for members to discuss the latest regulatory and policy challenges and actions needed to be taken by Food Supplements Europe on behalf on the food supplement industry.

Understanding and knowledge

The Forum provides its members with the understanding and knowledge of the policy and regulatory best practices and information on emerging issues that European institutions and national decision-makers need consider in an appropriate way to enable a sustainable environment for the sector.